Privacy Policy

General Privacy Policy 

At ImbibEnglish, we always ensure how important to securely handle user’s information. This Privacy Policy explains our procedure of our collecting the information, usage and other personal details. If you use or access the ImbibEnglish website, mobile app or other related services which includes software, content and Language Proficiency Assessment Services operated by ImbibEnglish. Users agree to Terms and Privacy Policy. At any point of time, we may update our Privacy Policy and may reflect any changes in our Information Practices. 

Information we collect 

When User (s) subscribe or purchase any service from ImbibEnglish, the User (s) deliver us with two types of information:  

  • Any Information that the user (s) provide us at the time of opting for service. 
  • Information regarding the Service use as user interaction with the service. 

Whenever user collects the website ImbibEnglish or any service through any of the computing devices, we collect User browser’s type and User’s IP Address (a unique address that identifies Users’ computer on the Internet). In addition to this, we use cookies and save some data/information of/from Users’ browser. User (s), at the time of getting registered with us, deliver us their Name, Email ID, Telephone details, and any other information that may be requested and required during the registration process. When User (s) avail the Service (s), they may submit content and information so that their profiles can be updated and activity data can be generated through our services. The reason behind storing this information is providing all the services effectively and efficiently and if any problem occurs, a personalized solution can be delivered. While using the ImbibEnglish Assessments, Users will have to answers all the questions sincerely and true to their knowledge. Any information that we gather is strictly for the purpose of improving our services. We do entertain any third-party for sharing of data/information unless it is linked to the delivery of service and third-party (s) are also bound to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. In certain circumstances, we may be required by law to share Users’ personal information. 

Use of information obtained by ImbibEnglish 

We may utilize Users’ contact information to send them notifications regarding new Services offered by ImbibEnglish that we think Users may find valuable. ImbibEnglish may also send Users service-related announcements related to services updates with due time. If Users ‘opt out’ of messages that they do not wish to receive, the mail or message will not be delivered to them. All the information presented by the user and used by the ImbibEnglish can be edited by Users when they access the Service. ImbibEnglish may share or use anonymous or aggregate data that is collected via service which includes Activity Data or the data to improve and analyze the service that we provide. ImbibEnglish can verify and ensure the Quality of at any point of time. 

Sharing of User’s Information or Data with the third party (s). 

ImbibEnglish shares User’s information (general or personal) only if it has the genuine reason or it is necessary, legally required, or user permits for the share. I.e. We may provide User’s information (general or personal) to the third-party or service providers who help us bring Services to the user, this may be sending message or mail to the user or co-location service. ImbibEnglish may require personal information in response to subpoenas, lawful requests, or any compliance in respect of applicable laws. We may also share information when it comes to protecting our property or interests, prevention against illegal activities or fraud through the ImbibEnglish or our Services. The sharing of personal information may include sharing with other companies, agents, government agencies or lawyers.  

Right to Update or Delete Users’ Personal Information 

Users have all the right to delete the account they make with ImbibEnglish in lieu of the services that are made available through our website. Once the User’s account gets deleted, we will retain anonymous data or aggregate information collected through our Services. The information can be used by ImbibEnglish and can also be shared by third-party at any point of time whenever it is required.