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6 simple steps to make your blog post work in 2019

Before we start showing the simple steps to make an effective blog post in 2019, let’s first understand who you are going to focus to. Always remember…!!!

“Your blog post is to create a valuable meaning to your reader. Expecting something in return isn’t gonna work”

The main benefit of writing a blog post is to set up a connection between the website it is on and the reader reading the blog post. Furthermore, always remember that blogging is all about the exchange of thoughts.

Once Steve Jobs said, “People who know what they are talking about don’t need powerpoint.” This is exactly what we are talking about.

Now, let’s take a look at the 6 simple steps to make your blog post work in 2019

Pick up a topic to get the attention of the customer:

It’s the R&D that works. Try to understand what your audience might be looking for and give them exactly the same. The right choice of topic is very important.

Give it a heading that describes the real meaning of the blog post

If you, somehow, manage to write a headline that attracts your audience. Try to be as specific with the headline as possible. Don’t let it mislead your reader. Instead, make it even more intellectual.

Know how to select a topic: Read our Website Content Writing

Write an outline of the blog post

Understand heading and sub-headings you have given. Now is the time of information. Cover as much information as you cans. Make small points or 2-3 line paragraphs to remember what important points you are going to cover in the blog post.

Explain every single point of the outline

Now, its time to explain all the points of the outline. Convert them into short and precise bullet points and all relevant information or you can write paragraphs of 75-100 words each. The basic funda behind small paragraph is that the user won’t feel “too much” while reading the whole paragraph.

You can use sub-headings also. Sub-headings are the continued forms of headings. So, if you use them in your article, the reader feels connected with connected to the content.

To know how Headings and Sub-headings works: Read SEO Content Writing

Rewrite and do the editing wherever it is required

Now, comes the part of editing and rewriting. This is an important part that most of the blog writers miss. Go through what you have written. Do the editing and re-writing wherever it is required.

The reason behind editing and rewriting is to:

  1. Maintain a synchronization between the sentences
  2. Check if the content is grammatically correct. If not, make changes.
  3. Check if the content is functionally sound.

Functionally sound content means a flow of content should be there.

You are all set to post it on your website

Now, you are all set to post the blog on your website or the platform of your choice. Use relevant images in content to make it more appealing.

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