8 secret steps to become a successful Content Writer

Before we reveal the secret steps to becoming an Impressive as well as an expressive content writer, let’s first understand what is a content writer and content writing.

To what extent you think this is true? A few right words on a website/on a piece of paper/for someone/for product/service/brand can genuinely take it to the paramount of success. In case, words go wrong, everything can fall apart.

Try to answer it in the comment section below.

A content writer is a person who crafts content to make your every mode of communication a face value of your product, service and brand. Here, the mode of communications means Website, Social Media Channels, Presence on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo), Brochure, Flyers, Pamphlets, Hoardings, Ads on either Print Media or Electronic Media or both.

Content Writing is a method of converting the thought process of a company, product or service into words and establishing it for your audience and potential customers.

To become a successful content writer, you need to do just one thing – Start Writing.

Learning, Research, Knowing Target Audience, Understanding Behaviour, Selection of Words and so on are all en-route processes to become a successful content writer.

Now, let’s assume that you have started writing and you are en-route to be a proficient content writer. Here are the 8 tips you must follow to improve your content writing skills. Trust us, ImbibEnglish Content Writers still follow these 8 Content Writing tips every time they provide quality content.

Your content should be based on research, references and facts. It shouldn’t be copied from anywhere.

Quality content is a mirror image of thorough research. A content based on research, references and fact always attracts and holds the attention of the visitor or reader.

Quality content is the Mirror Image of Good Research

Remember! A content written in your own words and is based on research and references is always free from plagiarism. Now, all you need now is to make sure that your content is free from grammatical errors and is functionally sound. Stay away from the myth that writers don’t commit errors.

These are the 8 successful tips for everyone who wants to become a successful content writer:

Here are 8 secret tips to become a successful content writer

Keep an eye on the grammatical aspect of the content:

Following things, you need to keep in mind while writing content.

  1. The majority part of your copy must be written in Active Voice. Don’t use Passive Voice.
  2. Check the spelling
  3. Take care of punctuation marks like full-stop, commas, exclamation signs & other symbols.
  4. Articles play an important role in the content. Check for a, an, the. A wrong article can completely change the meaning of the sentence.

Grammarly (Free and Paid) is an available tool that you can use to check grammatical errors.

Know and write in your own Writing Style:

Be real you. Researches and references have always been an important part of the content. As a result, many writers try to copy their style of writing. Always remember that you have your own style of writing. Explore your writing style and how better you can explain things.

It is very important for a writer to know its writing style

Break your content into 2-3 line paragraphs or small direct points. This is a good way to make your content understandable.

Those who are looking for quick bites in your content read the whole content if it is written in small packets of information.

Key point: A content written in your own language always leave an influence in the mind of the reader. It is your content. Write it in your way.

Be a magician, make ordinary content extra-ordinary!

Art of content writing is to make a project stand and survive among millions. There is always a way to make a dull or flat content scintillate. Ask yourself 4 questions, answer them, understand the behaviour of your target audience and then start drafting content.

A content writer is a magician who plays with words
  1. What is your target audience or target reader?
  2. What’s in this to read, like and share your content?
  3. What conclusion or solution your content is giving to your target audience?
  4. Is the conclusion satisfactory or not?

We also look forward to have your views on all the 4 questions we have mentioned-above? Please share your views in the comment section.

Simplicity beats cleverness!

Yes, it’s true! Its the simplicity that works, not cleverness or complexity. It’s good to have an influence on the mind of a reader. Try not to exert it more. This may break the interest. Make it light and understandable. Usually, readers read content twice to understand the context of the content.

A content should be simple and attractive

Try to use the words which are generally used with the context of the content. Those words, significantly, work to provide a familiar touch and hold the reader.

The context should be the centre of the content

Always focus on the content to draft a quality content

The context is the lighthouse of your content. Always try to focus on the context and make things revolve around the context. Brainstorming and creating a structure of your write-up assist you in staying on course.

Master the art of keyword selection

This is the most exciting part! This is the trade secret in content writing! It is the keywords which make the websites or blog posts rank above in the search engines.

Keywords are the links between the reader and the article they are searching for!

Create your phrases the way readers search them in search engines. For example, if users are searching for “top 10 tips to be a successful content writer” then we need to include this phrase in our content.

Use keywords in a way that it is easy for the audience to find your article.

To understand the significance of keywords, follow ImbibEnglish SEO Content Writing

Make your content communicate

It’s not about attractive writing , it is about communicating with your reader through the content. A content where you have given air to your thoughts may work but surely won’t give you an amazing result.

Whereas, a content where you try to understand and ask what your user has to say about what’s written. It surely works.

Two Golden Rules:

  1. Write the content which you and your reader would love to read again and again!
  2. Study the tone and use what’s is actually required in the content.

Headings and Sub-heading play an important role. To know how you can communicate with Headings and Sub-headings, follow ImbibEnglish Website Content writing

Architects plan, Sculptors create but Content Writers Plan and Create

Plan the flow of the content. First, understand what are the headings and sub-heading required in the content. Make short bullet points under every heading and subheadings. Now, convert them into small paragraphs or points (Whichever is necessary).Know human psychology – If it is about creating curiosity among your readers, make sure it is accompanied by the conclusion.

Better planning is the base of every content

This is not just about 8 simple tips to become a successful content writer. Even ImbibEnglish Content Writers follow the same set of instructions on a daily basis. If you want to become a successful content writer, this blog is especially for you. Know the art and master it.

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