Case Studies

6 ways to write an influential case study to attract potential customers

Case studies are the factual stories and life events of a particular organization, clients or customers that inspire your potential customers. So, it is essential that you choose the one that stands out among the numerous that fades and gets boring with time. It can prove to be a gem if it is written impactfully based on the true inspiring event of an individual. You must find the one who has experienced really great results that inspire people.

What makes your case study unforgettable?

Most of the case studies are the testimonial and story of a customer of a specific brand. The brand that helped him overcome his obstacles in real life through its products and services. To write a successful case study, you need to take the nod of that customer who is willing to share his part of the journey. Schedule an interview along with the significant set of questions that need to be asked with the customer. Then start writing the compelling story.

Follow a few tips while writing the case studies

Keep it real – When you are about to start writing the case study, make sure you add what is real. Though we know that it is to inspire your potential customers but always remember that it is more important to be authentic. There is no point in writing what is not true in order to encourage people. If you want so, then there is only one way to achieve the goals that are behind writing it is by keeping it real. The idea is to make it available for your potentials customers and they will certainly find it interesting.

Make it relatable – Make your case study relatable for the potential market that you are targeting through this. If they will be able to connect emotionally then this will certainly work for you. Through the case study, you must emphasize the problems that are mostly encountered by your customers. Tell them how you have managed to solve the problems through your products until now.

Illustrate numbers and data – You should also mention the data and numbers that clearly prove your points.

  • It helps readers understand the challenges of the customer
  • Represent how the customer overcame the hurdles by using your product.
  • It will work as evidence.
  • It will be easily demonstrated by the charts.
  • It will have an impact on the reader’s mind rather than just words.

Make the customer real hero in your story – Although it is true that you are the one who helped your customer overcome the challenges but here your customer is the leading character of the story. Try not to write your brand story instead let your customer speak about how you emerged as the helping hand. Then it will be easier for the readers to digest and establish trust in you.

Use a narrative approach – As we all know the online market is obsessed with the idea of good storytelling. So, make sure to provide the best story to your audience. But also, do not forget to keep a record of words and set a limit for them.

Apply attractive formatting – Case studies are not unlike blogs, articles and other content. So, instead of making it boring and a large portion of words use interesting formatting that makes it eye-catching and easy to read. Using these formatting and style will help your readers easily see what you want to show them

  • Use images and illustrations
  • Bulleted text
  • Short paragraphs
  • Headings
  • Bold Text