8 Simple Steps of an Effective Email Content Writing

8 Simple Steps of an Effective Email Content Writing

According to the Whizsky report published in 2018, more than 70% of emails are opened on mobile. The report also says that the people who receive promotional emails spend 138% more than those who don’t receive promotional emails. This is a good start to understand how successfully email marketing is influencing people to go for the products or services offered through emails.

We have already shared the types of email marketing while discussing it in digital marketing.

Let’s give you an overview of the types of emails used in email marketing.

  1. Promotional Emails
  2. Wishes through email on special occasions
  3. Introduction or welcome email
  4. Emails for feedback and ratings
  5. Case Study
  6. Email sharing achievements and future prospects.

Out of all the 6 types, only Promotional Email is used to convert the targeted audience into your potential customers. The remaining 5, in one way or another, are used to retain the customer and make the customer believe that they are the company’s valuable clients. These are very important aspects of customer retention.

But all these things come on later stages. Email promotion comes first to help you convert your reader or audience into your potential customer.

Now, let’s understand how Good Quality Email Content Writing helps you attract the attention of the visitor. These 8 points every Email Content Writer should focus on while drafting an effective E-mailer.

A strong and attractive subject line

A strong and attractive subject line for an effective email

Subject lines make or break your email campaign. Use of clear message in the subject line helps the reader to decide – to open this email or not?

Great subjects lines have a few common themes:

1. Use of Action words
2. Use of emotional content.
3. Use of Numbers (like “Here are 10 Fab products our readers loved” )
4. Use of personal name (ex. Amit, do you want to attract more traffic on your website?)

If you are able to create an effective headline, 50% of your work is done.

Know text preview and make the right use of it

Know text preview and make the right use of it for an effective email

Paraphrasing doesn’t work anymore. Instead, Start with something which is valuable or helpful. Smart email programs allow users to have a sneak peek at email content. Your preview must continue the theme you started in your subject line. Use a personal touch and speak about the area of interest of the reader. The more curious your reader is, the more likely that they open and read your email.


1. Use relevant content.
2. Keep enough curiosity.
3. Use links or social media in the preview line.

Understand the psychology of the audience and choose words wisely

Make your audience feel connected with the content.

Take their side, make them feel that you empathise with what they are going through and how you or your product/service can help them get out of such a situation. The different audience keeps a different mindset. Your target audience is the CEO of a company. Better be crisp, professional and yet upbeat.

If the target audience is the mother of school going children, then use the words which resonate with them. For example, “daily chores”, “education” may resonate more with them.

Use Fear of being left out, (limited time offer, everyone else is buying this etc).

Use different colours, depending on the kind of emotion you want to invoke.

Write like a reader

Write like a reader and then only you can write effective content for an email

Every reader reads content and looks for something promising. Remember that promises always work. Your email should help readers in one way or another. It can be a small tip or a DIY. Ask yourself, “If I am my target audience, what kind of email I would love to read?”.

Take time to do research where your readers spend time? What questions do they normally have? Join their groups on social media to understand their problems. Look at the language they use, any specific words that they repeat? You will see that every reader will have different words to express similar situations.

Go with simple words

Simplicity is the best

Simple always wins, every time. Simple word helps in faster reading of email and time of reader is valuable. It saves them trouble to look for the meaning of words. In a bid to make it catchy, don’t sacrifice simplicity. Simple words help in invoking familiar feelings too. Readers will be happy to know that your content speaks to them easily. Don’t worry about being smart. That can wait. Be understood. Be accepted.

You can still titillate with your audience.

Keep Searching what makes your customer happy

Have fun! Excite your audience, make them feel delighted/curious. Make some experiments on to get this right, don’t be shy to experiment. You will learn something new. Find out ways to catch their eye. Use words which describe emotions. Readers follow a curious link to your article/product than a simple description.

Give them a reason to take action. Make them feel comfortable and yet action-oriented.

Give it a personalised touch

Customer is priority

Which email will YOU open first? friend’s email or email from a company?

The answer is pretty clear, isn’t it? So be a personal messenger for your email. Speak to the reader doesn’t just announce something. Remember, a personal story or an insider view from your company (a casual conversation, a candid comment) makes it personal and makes it real. When someone speaks to me, I feel attended. I can engage more with them.

A strong Call-to-action (CTA)


An email is designed for some Call to Action. Be clear about it from 2nd line of your email. Don’t try to hide it. Rather make that call to action relevant to the reader.

Sell benefits not your product or the features. Readers are interested in the benefits they will get.

Solve a problem for them.  Give them the incentive to take action now (like a tax filing date is coming near and an early bird discount is…). Your Call to Action must sound in line with the reader’s mindset and must help them some way. It may be a call to donate something or to buy something. Focus on their benefits, not on your product features.

For an effective E-mailer, it is very important to keep a proper check on above mentioned steps. Remember! Your client or customer is always your priority. Customer satisfaction should not be compromised in any way.

How ImbibEnglish works on Email Content?

Our writers always make sure that every e-mailer is drafted with great perfection. At ImbibEnglish, we make sure that you only the customer’s thought process should be given priority. To know about ImbibEnglish Services, call us on +91-9654499399 or drop an e-mail on we4you@imbibenglish.com.