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Here the best SEO Content Writing Tips every Content Writer should follow:

SEO Content Writing is “Killing Two Birds with One Stone.”

Most of the SEO content writers face the challenge to make it appealing for both your audience and the search engine. SEO content writing is not about either of one. It is about both. Better SEO Content Writing Tips can help you draft an SEO Friendly Content.

Know what is SEO Content Writing?

Almost every content writer knows what is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but the huge misconception among content writers lies in whether to write content for your audience or for the search engine.

First of all, it is the audience a content writer should focus on and then optimise the content on the basis of the parameters of your search engine.

Let’s make it clear that

Your Audience Comes First

Your SEO Content is for your audience

As we have already said through our Instagram post, your content should not be left with multiple thoughts. Always bring your content/copy to some conclusion. This is to make your audience feel satisfied with what he/she has read on your website.

Now, let’s start with how ImbibEnglish takes SEO Content Writing. At ImbibEnglish, we have an expert team of SEO Content Writers who collaborate every minute detail related to the topic and convert those set of words and sentences into a legible quality copy.

This is how SEO works!

Write As You Read

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and then understand the context. For writing any content/copy, the first and the foremost part of any topic lies in understanding it. Right keyword research helps you get an overview of the topic.

Keyword Research is very important  for better SEO Research
Right Keyword Research

Keywords are the set of words that tell you about those specific words that your audience use to search for a particular topic.

Here comes the basic agenda of SEO Friendly Content. You need to use those keywords/words in your content to make it good from the point of view of SEO.

Now, let’s have a look at how to draft an SEO Friendly Content

Make a structure of the content

As we say “Write as you read,” first, you need to understand the topic. This will help you understand different points that need to be covered under the topic, every heading, sub-headings and in every paragraph.

Selection of H1, H2, H3 and so on

Headings/Headlines play an important role in the content. A flat content (Without any heading/no focus on headlines) is neither eye appealing from the point of a user nor get ranking from Google.

How to decide Heading and Sub-heading for SEO Content
Check how to make heading and sub-heading of SEO Content

These are the ways to write an attractive headline. A headline, written, in this way, easily attract the attention of the viewer and make them curious to go through what’s written under the headline.

Use specific numbers in your headline

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Optimized Headings

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It is not just about H1 or Main Heading, it is also about H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 or Sub-Heading when and where required. Use appropriate headline and sub-heading when and where it is necessary.


Quality Content has always been on the top priority of Google. To analyse the quality of the content, Google released Panda & Penguin.

Google has parameters to decide the relevancy and reliability of your page. It is decided on the basis of the content you have on your page and the links land to your page.

Content is a way of building loyalty between a company and its potential customers

Use 2-3 line paragraphs/points instead of long paragraphs

2-3 line paragraph or content in points makes the user read the whole content. All you need to make sure is that you use persuasive language and the points that can be beneficial for your audience.

3 Basic components of SEO that function

Webpage Speed

No one likes to visit a website taking a long time to open a single page. It has now become a matter of less than a second or 1. Google introduced the parameter “Website/Webpage Speed” in 2010. Since then, it has been among the top priorities of Google and other search engines. The average response time for a web page is 2 seconds. If it goes beyond that, you need to work on the speed.

3 Main Components for an SEO Friendly Content

Interlinks and Backlinks

Interlinks and Backlinks also play an important role in content optimization by the search engine. There are two ways you can see interlinks and backlinks:

Links Work as a Trust Builder

For a user who is in thirst of knowledge. Let’s make it real. Let’s take it an example: You are a visitor on this page looking for information about SEO Content Writing. Now, you click on the link and land to a page (through interlinks we have provided) from our page.

You get more than the information you may be looking for. Won’t this be satisfying you? Well! This will surely be satisfying you. The same thing builds trust in the company or website.

Content Analyzation

When a search engine crawls through your page and find the links in it. Your search engine analyses the content on the basis of the links you have provided and you have got from others. The crawler checks if they are trustworthy links, you ranking automatically increases.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the best way of making a search engine understand the context of the page. It also helps a search engine understands what are the targeted keywords. Every search engine takes meta description as snippet whenever a search is made and your page is shown in the result.

Google Ranking

Every piece of information should be valuable and compelling. This is to make one read the whole and share it with others. These shares show the relevancy of content with context. Google reads such content and provides it a better ranking.

Google Ranking Algorithm

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