What is Standard Operating Procedure?

Imagine you are working in a customer relationship management (CRM) department at e-commerce venture. A customer called you and said I want to return the product. Most likely, the company you work for has a set of written rules for the return procedure. That written set of rules is called SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

Whether you are a start-up or an existing one, the first step is to create a process and workflows that will define how things should be done? What task needs to do? Who needs to do them? And what are the best approaches to these tasks?
Standard Operating Procedures are step-by-step written instructions to perform a routine activity. Employees should follow them in the exact same way for business consistency.

How an SOP Should Be Like

  1. Easy to read
  2. Brief and contain simple actions you are following or to be followed
  3. Clearly outline the steps
  4. The basis for training any new employee
  5. Updated every year according to the needs of the firm

Why You Need SOP?

Following are the reasons why a business needs standard operating procedures:

  1. Save Time and Money: – When the same task is done in different ways, it always takes longer time and when the same task is done in a single way or process, it will always take less time.
  2. Consistency: – When an employee follows the exact way to do a process every time, it will create consistency and efficiency in his/her work.
  3. Improve Communication: – SOP makes the employee’s jobs easier as they don’t need to guess how to perform a task.
  4. Accountability: – SOP helps to evaluate the employees.
  5. Safer Work Environment: – When a task is done in the same way by employees it creates a consistent and safe work environment.

How to Write an SOP?

Now you know what 12 SOP is and why you need one. But do you know how to write it because it takes a lot of planning before creating an SOP?

Here are the five steps one should follow every time while creating your own SOP:

  1. List of Business Process: – The first step is to discuss the duties of the employees with the managers to create a list of process that needs SOP.
  2. Plan the Process: – The second step is the format of the process whether it should be in the step-by-step guide or a workflow diagram.
  3. Talk with Employees: – The third step is you need to talk to employees to make them understand everything you created till now.
  4. Write and Review the Process: – The fourth step is written notes in template and review SOP again with the employees.
  5. Maintain the Process: – SOP is a never-ending process, for better performance one should always maintain and update the process every year.


An SOP is a time-consuming process at first but the benefits are worth it. Not everyone can write SOP because you have to keep in mind everything mentioned above. To write an SOP you need some writers who can write in an easy way by taking care of everything you need. ImbibEnglish Pvt Ltd is a team of professional’s content writers who don’t focus on what needs to be done but rather how it should be done.